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Google Ads, if used in the right way, allows you to acquire an estimate of the costs right from the preliminary stages. In most cases, you can also create a campaign with a small budget. Obviously, your expectations in terms of returns will have to coincide with the resources dedicated to your project. After all, it's very difficult to win a game of Risk with a single tank! So... if you're asking, "but then how much do I have to spend?" come and visit us! At least that's free


We are Google Certified Partners - a guarantee that not all agencies are able to offer; synonymous with competence and quality. If you click on our Google Partners logo you'll find a list of our certifications. Our constant technical updates are intertwined with our experience. What are you waiting for?! Check for yourself!


Google currently allows you to do campaigns almost all over the world. Our mission is to realise them, manage them and make them bear fruit. We have account managers at SNDS who are able to manage your campaign in four languages and are able to communicate with your subsidiaries abroad as well as your potential clients. Put us to the test!


It would be nice if we told you that all our campaigns lead to nothing but success, but unfortunately that's not the case. After having carefully created an Google Ads account it's optimisation (combined with an analysis) that plays a key role in the path to conversion. What is optimisation if nothing but the constant correction of errors? You will find in us a team that likes to learn from their own mistakes and loves to transfer their own experience to their clients. Fortunately, we have made many mistakes


Google Ads Partner Agency: experts for over ten years

Finding a Google Ads certified agency in Switzerland like in Italy is not easy. You often turn to companies that are devoid of internal expertise that outsource services. We do everything in-house at SNDS, armed with experience from leading Italian and international companies. We are one of a handful of Google-certified SEM agencies in Ticino: we have over three hundred clients worldwide, from large brands to medium-sized enterprises, whose campaign budgets we manage to maximise conversions and return on investment.

Excitement is all that matters

The advantages of our agency in Lugano include our focus on client needs and the immediate application of new publishing criteria for ads provided by Google on the search and display networks. We are renowned for our advanced remarketing techniques that, when applied to e-commerce, have boosted the revenues of our clients. Our multilingual team is able to produce perfect and high-performing ads in Italian, German, English and French, with surgical precision, so much so that sometimes we even surprises ourselves.

Measuring in order to grow: proportions

Don't hesitate to contact us to ask for a quote: from Lugano to Milan, we know what it takes to create a tailor-made solution for the management of national or international Google Ads campaigns, guaranteeing you optimal investment and accurate reporting through which you can always keep costs and revenues under control.

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We're a web agency based in Lugano that offers surgically-accurate web marketing solutions. We optimise your presence on the web with high-quality websites, from simple showcase sites to complex e-commerce sites.

We take care of online advertising with Google Ads campaigns: search, display and Youtube campaigns. We manage corporate profiles on major social media outlets, such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

We can also create any type of online contest to increase your brand visibility and we also produce high quality professional videos. Well... what more do you want from life?! :-)

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Via P. Bianchi, angolo Via Frasca, 6900 Lugano (CH)
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