Customised Management Software

Customised Management Software for Companies

Companies, shops and professionals often find themselves dealing with invoices, credit notes, client records and performance analyses of advertising campaigns. A 'do-it-yourself' approach often leads to collecting folders full of papers that slow down processing times and risk getting lost in the maze of giant bookshelves or excel files.

Some companies have opted for pre- set online invoicing software that often fails to satisfy warehouse and e-commerce interfaces.

To improve the way they work, customised management software comes to the rescue, which is suitable for any type of commercial activity: from small entrepreneurs to small- and medium-sized businesses. There are numerous advantages: optimisation of the entire work process, simplification of the management of daily activities, reduction of costs and the ridding of paper-based documents.

Management systems for companies

There are many needs behind the request for a management software which distances itself from standard models or free versions found on the internet. We develop management systems tailored to the needs of each client, creating a personalised, intuitive and user-friendly model, to manage accounting, stock, orders and personal data with utmost flexibility.

We are at your complete disposal to discuss and fully understand your needs in order to find a solution that will allow you to keep track of your company's progress. In so doing you will have a complete system of tools that meets the needs of your business.

Management software for professionals and companies who want to improve

SNDS provides customised software that goes beyond the simple drawing-up and filing of invoices in the cloud: these are systems that are programmed ad hoc, capable of integrating procedures and tailored to manage additional functionalities, linked, for example, to the assessment of return on investment of online and offline advertising costs.

Thanks to the experience of expert programmers we create management software for professionals and companies of all sizes. Our strengths are expertise, availability and customer care. If you are not satisfied with typically precompiled software but want to make a qualitative leap in terms of efficiency, contact us for a demo and a free preliminary consultation.

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