Mobile campaigns through Google Ads: the future is here

Advertising on smartphone, tablet and mobile phones
The results of the latest international studies speak for themselves: the future of the Internet is in mobile navigation. Therefore, it is very important to do an effective advertising campaign for mobile devices, whether they are tablets, mobile phones or the latest generation of smartphones. Google Ads offers the platform; at SNDS we offer the ingenuity and the strategy that only a web agency certified Google partner has in its possession. 

Mobile ads: from information to conversion
Google Ads is a United States born platform: those who deal with web marketing know that USA trends in the internet sector often turn out to be even years ahead of European ones. If Google’s decision to better correlate mobile and desktop advertising made many people turn up their nose, it actually made us at SNDS see new opportunities. The mobile Internet navigation is constantly rising at a global level: this is a trend that cannot be ignored. 

Mobile advertising: differentiated offers and the importance of landing pages
Through Google Ads you can differentiate offers for mobile and desktop devices. A Google partner certified agency can determine the right offer for every device by making the most of new opportunities for mobile navigation, such letting ads appear in apps or adapting landing pages and texts depending on whether you want to present your ads on Ios or Android devices. It is important that the landing pages adapt to the user’s mobile experience. For this reason at SNDS we are not only Google Ads experts but we also have professional graphic designers that can create landing pages accessible on every device.

The most reliable agency for your mobile campaigns
At our offices in Lugano we do not fear the future, we look it in the eyes to forestall its moves. If you are looking for an agency that successfully helps you manage your mobile advertising campaigns, you have found the right one, straight in the heart of Canton Ticino. Contact us and we will suggest you the best Google Ads mobile advertising strategies and assist you from A to Z.

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