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Communicate the value of your brand
LinkedIn is a very useful social network to increase B2B contacts and to meet new prospects. Thanks to the possibility of creating groups and targeted advertising, this social network can also increase B2C brand awareness. Being on LinkedIn with a business page is strategically important to communicate with your followers, to launch new products and for many other reasons which we can explain to you at our web marketing agency in the heart of Canton Ticino.

Managing pages and groups on LinkedIn
The management of LinkedIn pages has some distinctive features which simply can't be ignored. LinkedIn is a social channel where skillfully used language is of great importance: you need targeted and even technical posts which can highlight your company’s strong points. Discussion groups can be created to attract new contacts, a type of forum in LinkedIn that requires community activity. SNDS can provide the best strategy for your presence on the most important professional social network.

Targeted advertising
LinkedIn Ads is LinkedIn's internal advertising system. This system also allows you to target your public on the basis of salary: consider campaigns for luxury items, which require a rather large budget, or the launch of a high-end automobile. Our web agency in Lugano has experts in pay-per-click systems who are familiar with the best advertising strategies of the most important and popular systems, from Google Ads to Facebook Ads. We are also experts in LinkedIn Ads.

Studying strategies for LinkedIn
Being on LinkedIn is not enough: you need accurate strategies that lead to an increase in visibility and contacts; the management of Google Plus pages and other social networks is the right way to go. Our agency is among the most well-known in Canton Ticino for its ability to combine practical aspects and consultancy: if you want to find out more, ask for a free preliminary consultation. We look forward to meeting you.

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