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Cartoons for an original communication
Attempting new advertising communication strategies is often a winning move. Going beyond the classic exposition of products and services is part of the game of advertising: think of those characters who became part of a collective imaginary such as the Michelin Man or Colonel Sanders by KFC. A cartoon leaves an emotional mark that a traditional video, for its intrinsic nature, cannot convey, particularly if it sponsors articles that do not have entertaining features. SNDS has a team of screenwriters and illustrators that can create short stories and characters for companies that want to bet on communication strategy which is original and out of the box. Our presentation video is a sound example of that.

Video and script for social platforms or TV
We are a web-oriented agency, but our specialists have studied every possible form of video communication. We know how to realise cartoons for both the Internet, such as Youtube miniseries and other social channels, and television advertising. This skill of ours is demonstrated both in developing the right screenplay and in paying attention to file formats and the size of videos.

Viral videos to conquer the web
A viral video is a video that spreads in a spontaneous way because of its features: it is a movie that is shared on social networks and attracts free viewings thanks to word of mouth. To trigger a viral video you need original content and a higher level of visibility through initial advertising support. Once launched with an advertising campaign, the video starts to be spontaneously shared. It is logical that a cartoon adapts better to this type of video compared to an institutional format. 

Professional video cartoons for companies
Our agency in Lugano has experts who know how to interpret the message you want to convey and turn it into creative ideas. You are now very close to innovative communication, do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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