How we work

All marketing solutions brought together. We are no know-it-alls, but rather a winning blend

SNDS is an agency that specialises in online marketing. We are professionals with decades of experience, each with their own set of skills focused on a particular activity. We are as far removed as possible from web know-it-alls: we are a team in which each player has their own specific role. The synergy between the various departments is the silver bullet that we can make available to you. Experts in Google Ads campaigns interact with web designers for landing page concepts, and the realisation of the creative content of the site is reconciled with the instructions of the SEO specialist.
These are just some examples of how the various skills overlap each other to produce an explosive mixture that gives wings to the web marketing engine.

Unique, like you

There are simply too many copycat projects around these days. We hate them. How can you can express the uniqueness of a brand without proposing a unique and unparalleled project? At SNDS, we put together web marketing activities that are so client-centred they simply cannot be replicated. This doesn't mean we don't learn from our experiences, successes and mistakes from the past. Experience is not mere repetition, adapting the same mantra to all situations: we know how to embrace your unique features and the specific needs of your potential clients.
We combine these elements and model them by hand, as if we were making a beautiful and unique ceramic vase, created especially for you.
Snds guarda al futuro

Day by day, looking to tomorrow

We follow you step by step, both in short-term projects and long-term ones. We are a loyal agency, we dislike hit-or-miss reports. We are able to secure customer loyalty precisely because we take daily care when it comes to following the most complex of campaigns, changes to SEO algorithms, and news on social networks. Always being updated means we also know how to keep projects up-to-date: we are not afraid of today because we know how to follow the genesis of tomorrow. We monitor, optimise, and improve day by day.

We go beyond your expectations

We've tried to explain in just a few words how we work, but we don't claim to have been exhaustive. You can find out more by having a look at our portfolio, or, even better, by fixing an appointment at our offices in the centre of Lugano. Have a look around the agency: we are web specialists who go way beyond your needs and get the 'recipe' just right!
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We're a web agency based in Lugano that offers surgically-accurate web marketing solutions. We optimise your presence on the web with high-quality websites, from simple showcase sites to complex e-commerce sites.

We take care of online advertising with Google Ads campaigns: search, display and Youtube campaigns. We manage corporate profiles on major social media outlets, such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

We can also create any type of online contest to increase your brand visibility and we also produce high quality professional videos. Well... what more do you want from life?! :-)

Where we are
Via P. Bianchi, angolo Via Frasca, 6900 Lugano (CH)
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