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Social Media

Time really is money, it's not just a saying. Poorly-managed or even neglected presence on social media never makes a good impression, especially to your (potential) new clients. Our philosophy is 'quality, not quantity': you don't need to be on all social media, together we'll study the best strategy for you. However, your presence must be maintained and updated on the channels we choose to invest in. There are no excuses. We provide you with a necessary consultation for the management of your social media accounts. You can decide whether to opt for management (and you won't have to worry about anything) or co-management.


A company can't always allow itself to have a social media marketing team: our support solutions help you get the best out of your resources thanks to coordination strategies. We can incorporate a training course at your company premises alongside consultations via Skype; or we can work together, following an agreed editorial plan. Or, we can provide you with a packet of hours, which you can choose to use as and when you please: for consultations, post editing, the management and monitoring of your advertising campaigns, and the creation of ad hoc graphics for your most exclusive events.


Distant yet close. If your freedom is declining due to lack of time, we can help you with a totally white label service. Entrust us with aspects of your communication that you find most difficult and expensive, and think of how many other more productive things you can do with the time you save. Furthermore, if you put your trust in professionals, your advertising campaigns can yield better returns, maximising investments. Sometimes delegating is important.


Advertising must be followed in every detail. Use the tools, don't let the tools use you. If Facebook Ads & co. are driving you crazy, maybe it's time to make things clear and actually start to manage them well. Don't let platforms take control of your expenses: we manage your projects.


Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram
and other emerging social media

Social media has now fully-entered our lives and is here to stay. Social media has even attracted people to the web who at first seemed skeptical of the medium.
We are faced with a multitude of clients and potential contacts that communicate with each other. When it comes to web marketing, it's an exciting yet delicate opportunity, due to the immediate exposure of a client's opinion. Because of this, especially in the initial phase, it is wise to contact an agency with expertise in online marketing: SNDS Socialandsearch ... the name says it all.

Strategic consulting and management of social media

Creating a Facebook page or an Instagram profile may seem as easy as pie. But doing marketing doesn't simply mean pushing a button on a computer screen. Doing marketing means having a strategic base: having a solid background in social media marketing, we provide all the preliminary information in order to correctly approach the management of the dynamics of social media.
We also provide high-quality operational support, when necessary.

Customer loyalty through social media

From the cradle to the grave: this is Facebook's promise. Putting your own business along this vital path is a bet which, if won, will lead to long-term benefits. Securing customer loyalty through continuous dialogue is not easy if you don't know the rules in relation to sharing and judgment. Wrong approaches are often taken that lead to unsuccessful social media business channels. Our agency in Lugano is proficient in two areas: social media and search engines. If you already have social media channels that don't work as you wish them to or need to start polishing your corporate image, contact us: we can help you.

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We're a web agency based in Lugano that offers surgically-accurate web marketing solutions. We optimise your presence on the web with high-quality websites, from simple showcase sites to complex e-commerce sites.

We take care of online advertising with Google Ads campaigns: search, display and Youtube campaigns. We manage corporate profiles on major social media outlets, such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

We can also create any type of online contest to increase your brand visibility and we also produce high quality professional videos. Well... what more do you want from life?! :-)

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