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If you have staff who are eager to learn, we are at your disposal for personalised AdWords, SEO and social media courses. What's better than having trained and skilled staff right in the heart of a business? We can come up with a tailor-made program for your company, which is customised to your business needs. Want to put us to the test? Contact Us!


Web marketing is not about improvisation: it takes experience and training to understand and have full command of network dynamics and to find out what works and what doesn't. The quality of a training course is founded on teacher experience and the level of preparation, both physical and mental, that they dedicate to the course. If you are looking for something practical which yields immediate opportunities, contact us: we can work out the best solution together.


Web marketing is a serious matter for us. We believe you can't simply rely on your geek of a cousin to create a website, and, what's more, if you want to effectively communicate on social media you can't just have a Facebook profile full of kittens. It's much, much more than this. Our teachers are entrepreneurs who have sound experience in their field: they have made a business out of web marketing and understand the true needs of clients and the market. If you opt for one of our courses you can be sure of one thing: no rubbish.


Ok, we get it: the web is the future. So? Well... it may be helpful for you to get to know about certain dynamics and to understand the reasoning behind that which regulates your industry with regard to online business. Knowing how to communicate effectively on social media, having a strategic vision, knowing how to read the main constituents of html code ... these are all aspects that will come in handy and will make you more competent and competitive than the competition. You don't believe us? Contact us and we will explain in detail why.

Online marketing courses for businesses in Lugano

Targeted know-how, coaching for corporate businesses

Every course we prepare and hold is always completely unique and simply unmatchable: our courses are real and proper in-company training courses with an integrated partnership. We are well-aware of the different needs of various businesses requirements that all types of industry businesses have: there are companies that simply can't overlook AdWords, others that just can't do without social networks, and others that need synergistic activities in the form of SEO and advertising. These are just specific examples: all in all, we guarantee that the elements of the course incorporate a consultancy that allows companies to make a quantum leap from a strategic and operational point of view.

Unique web marketing courses, customised for your business

There are companies that do business nationally and others that trade and sell globally. The needs are different: this is where our flexibility comes in, which allows us to customise your web marketing course depending on the type of business and the type of position held by the recipient. We speak the language of both managers and sales: we use a different approach depending on the reference figure. Forget about the usual packages of predefined classes: the one we prepare for you is exclusive, a fusion of transferred know-how and consulting with no mimics.

Training and transformation

Our training requires your collaboration for it to be translated into practice. A consultation can be included alongside the core learning process with the aim of monitoring the correct application of what is being learned, or even operational support from our specialists. We follow the transformation of your business step by step, be it in terms of continuity or total innovation.

At our offices or in-house

Web marketing courses can take place either at our offices in Lugano or directly at your company. A final evaluation will enable us to see the progress made, which can then also be checked during the subsequent consultation stage. If you're interested in learning more about our consultations and courses, contact us: we will be more than happy to meet you and go into detail about how we work.

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We're a web agency based in Lugano that offers surgically-accurate web marketing solutions. We optimise your presence on the web with high-quality websites, from simple showcase sites to complex e-commerce sites.

We take care of online advertising with Google Ads campaigns: search, display and Youtube campaigns. We manage corporate profiles on major social media outlets, such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

We can also create any type of online contest to increase your brand visibility and we also produce high quality professional videos. Well... what more do you want from life?! :-)

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