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This is the ultimate goal of almost all of our clients. Companies are increasingly turning to us especially when they go through a crisis period: we are used to engaging with and working for companies who are eager to turn their business around. At this point in time we are living through a new industrial revolution, the end user has acquired great knowledge and, therefore, power. If you want to keep up with the times simply send a contact request and we'll be more than happy to put our expertise at your disposal when it comes to transformations and performance.


It's never too late to start! Perhaps it's high time for you to make changes to your communication. They say it's impolite to respond to a question with a question ... but: are you sure you know your potential client well enough before asking us to put you in first position on Google or to acquire one million likes on Facebook? Before venturing into web marketing you should do an analysis of your clients' habits. Just take that extra step and you're there! Click below and we'll be happy to talk about it, with no obligation, over a good coffee.


We can't pull a rabbit out of a hat or produce doves from an empty pan: we are not magicians, but we know what it takes to turn your brand around, adapting it to the new rules of communication on the web. Your brand should speak for itself: your values, passion, history, mission and future are brought together in just a few graphical strokes. Contact us and our web designers will be on hand to revamp your site or to build your brand.


Whether you're an SME or a freelancer, we will be happy to work alongside you to make you get a real taste of the full potential of digital marketing. In one fell swoop you will increase your performance and you'll be able to optimise your time. As far as big companies are concerned, maybe there is already someone who takes care of a part of online communications. Great, let's keep going down this road! We believe the right way for big companies is to build and strengthen its internal department. In digital marketing more hands can be put on deck when you work on the same project: entrust us with the more technical or complicated parts and take care of the rest in peace and tranquility. Ask for our no-obligation consultation.

SNDS, the advertising agency for your online communication

Creativity and expertise: creative performance as the basis for success

There are numerous advertising agencies in Lugano and Ticino, but we stand out from the others thanks to our focus on online communication. We are able to work on your projects in the wake of creative performance: a road that leads to success in terms of return on investment, without sacrificing creativity and aesthetics. Whether it's a website, a Google Ads campaign with a landing page, an app or a contest on social media, we are able to realise our artists' innovative ideas, whilst keeping ultimate goals firmly in sight. We offer an attractive alternative to traditional marketing, and if you already have a digital department, we can offer valuable support for your online advertising activities.

Excitement is all that matters

Is it not true that marvel gives birth to thought? Amaze to persuade, telling a story to evoke feelings that will make you love the product. Every one of your clients wants an experience: captivate them! We often pay great attention to physical presence with corporate offices or perfect and beautifully detailed showrooms. And yet, how many times is this perfect corporate image marred by one's online image, with outdated websites, social media that is not updated and low-quality and haphazard communication? Your client has to have an extraordinary experience when visiting both your physical and virtual spaces – namely your website, your social channels and your newsletters. The creation of an excellent corporate image contributes to a flawless online user experience. Online and offline are a bit like Romeo and Juliet: they have to be together, try to separate them, and your company will bring a tragic end to them (yet it will most likely not become that famous).

Measuring in order to grow: the importance of proportion

Beauty is not measured, yet, in part, it is the result of accurate measurements. Accurate proportions link beauty with mathematics. That is why our work is "beautiful". We take your ideas and we develop them creatively by adding a unique touch that makes them captivating. Alongside working on storytelling and aesthetics we also incorporate new objective criteria in order to evaluate the success of the entire marketing process. We analyse the data and let the numbers speak for us, as well as your results. Beauty is never an end in itself: we create unique experiences for your clients, which we then go on to evaluate so as to constantly optimise the marketing path specifically designed for you.

Your audience, your advertising

We understand what it takes to achieve your goal. We know how to pamper your target audience, how to get people to follow you when your communication has an institutional footprint and when you want to break the mould for special projects or to stand out of the competition. We have the numbers, we have the creativity; why should you settle for a run-of-the-mill advertising agency? Call us, come and have a first hand experience of the beauty and value of creative performance.

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We're a web agency based in Lugano that offers surgically-accurate web marketing solutions. We optimise your presence on the web with high-quality websites, from simple showcase sites to complex e-commerce sites.

We take care of online advertising with Google Ads campaigns: search, display and Youtube campaigns. We manage corporate profiles on major social media outlets, such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

We can also create any type of online contest to increase your brand visibility and we also produce high quality professional videos. Well... what more do you want from life?! :-)

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